Umbro wins the shirt contract

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Shirts from this year are very confusing and I would like to thank my good friend Mario in helping me with my research. Without him I would not have found the photos you see and the information contained within this page and others.

First point to mention is that Depor seamed to have used five  styles of shirts during this year. Two  made by Rox, the next three by Umbro; first one which looks like the Rox, second strangely had a white collar and finally the one used for most of the season.

Rox Home Shirt
(pre-season 1992)

For the preseason Rox would still supply Depor with the shirts.

Here you have one of the non sponsored shirts. Interestedly the blue is also a different colour to earlier Rox shirts. Shirt is stained but has been laundered, indicating that it may have been worn more than once

Bebeto Rox Home Shirt
(pre-season 1992)
Sometimes I have to pinch myself when I am offered some shirts and this is such a shirt.

This style has been on my wish list since I first saw pictures of it and I never thought it would don my collection, not to mention the one worn by Bebeto.

This style of shirt was only used for one match during the preseason.

Feiraco Rox Home Shirt
(pre-season 1992)
Another variation of a rare Rox shirt with Feiraco sponsor. Research on these shirts have taken some time and is yet complete.

Bebeto and Mauro did a photo shoot in this style and at least one match was played with this style. However details have yet to be found.

Umbro Home Shirt

This is the first of the Umbro shirts. Used from around the start of the season till about the end of October.

The style is nearly the same as the Rox shirt from the past two seasons and I suspect that Umbro wanted something so decided to change it before the mid way point.

Mauro Silva Home Shirt
(D. L. Coruña - A C Milan 12th November 1992)

Incredibly rare and unusual shirt form 1992. Shirt is similar to the shirt below but with a white collar and made from a similar material to the Rox shirts.

This style of shirt was used  for the Albacete league match and the Milan friendly, however it may have been used in other matches.

Bebeto Home Shirt
(Liga matches 1992/93)
Umbro kept the new classic design but changed the collar to give it a new feel. This style would stay for the next two seasons with the only change being the blue stripe that goes through the badge having a white background for the next season.

This shirt was donated by Bebeto for a charity auction which was in aid of the children of Brazil.

Away Shirt
Away shirts of this time are so hard to research due to the fact that they would have only been used for one or two matches.

I can not find any colour footage of this shirt but I believe it was red with white numbering. The style being the same as the home shirt.


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